Virtual Golf Competition

Tuesday 5th to Monday 11th April 2022

The aim of the competition is to allow MGS members & guests to play competitively against each other without involving long-distance travel. We aim to involve as many members and guests as possible. Joining-in is free and the more the merrier.

The golf is “real”. All that is required is to play a round of golf at a course near you. The competition is the “virtual” bit. We pull together all the completed score cards and create a single “level playing field” for all entrants dependent on the “difficulty” (slope rating) of each of the courses played.  We also include non-UK courses for those holidaying abroad.


All levels of handicap are very welcome. Simply play an 18-hole round of golf on course of your choice. Any day from 5th to 11th April 2022. Have your Stableford score confirmed by your playing partner (who can be a guest, not necessary to be an MGS member) and submit your (and your guest’s) scores as below. Multiple entries on one card are acceptable.

On completion of your round please e-mail a photograph or scan of the signed card(s) to:-  Please contact Fraser directly if you have any queries. WhatsApp also accepted – 07976 905571

Important :  Your card and/or accompanying email should clearly show which course you played – and then for each player :- 

  • WHS Handicap Index (if held)
  • Course Handicap
  • Playing Handicap **
  • The tees which were played
  • Stableford score achieved over 18 holes

All entries to be received by 17:00 on Tuesday 12th April 2022. A full leaderboard containing all the scores, any adjustments made and notification of prize winners will be promulgated in the week following the closing date.

The Prizes

The magnificent Virtual Golf Champion Trophy (currently held by Harvey Harrison, and which, strangely, is actually a real trophy!) will be awarded to the winning player in the Gold Division and highly coveted prizes of MGS Golf Balls for the winners in the Gold & Silver Divisions and Guest category.

** Playing Handicap – WHS Index held, Playing handicap = 95% of Course handicap. 

No WHS Index held – Playing Handicap = fair reflection of ability

MGS 2022 Competition rules apply to prize and trophy distribution