Peter Smith – Bio

Having graduated from Durham I joined Marks & Spencer and worked mainly in Store Operations and Head Office for 30 Years. As part of my CV I opened the first major retail operation in the City of London and the first two prototype Simply Food Stores.

On leaving M&S to set up my own Consultancy I joined the Magistracy in 2004 originally in Buckinghamshire but then transferred to what is now the West Yorkshire Bench when we moved back to my roots near Skipton, in 2006. I now sit mainly in Bradford as a PJ in both Adult and Family – having retired in November 2021 when I was 70 – but then reengaged a few months later when the law changed! I also spent 4 years as Chair of The South Yorkshire Probation Trust but that is another story.

Like many I was late into golf when no longer able to play other sports and my handicap reflects that. After a number of years I eventually persuaded my wife Mary to take up the sport which she did with alacrity to the point where she has the lower handicap. Golf consumes a large part of our social life now that we are both retired from paid employment, whether through our own Club, Shipley, our long winter holidays in Portugal or the Magistrates Golf Society. With the latter we enjoy the camaraderie, socialising and interest in playing Courses around the country. I was honoured to be asked to take up office and would encourage any golfers in the judicial fraternity to join us.

Please feel free to contact me for more information