Martin Prevezer – Bio

I spent the first 10 years of my business career living abroad.  The company I joined was international, run on a Stockholm – New York axis.  I lived for 3 years in Stockholm, a year in Buenos Aires and several 6 month + stays in the US – trading in commodities.  All very exciting for a single man!  After 10 years with them I realised I wanted to live in London and joined a merchant bank (S G Warburg) who owned a company which was a founder member of the London Metal Exchange.  Those years were also fascinating but Warburgs sold the company to a French group and I decided that it was time to work for myself.

That decision enabled me to become a magistrate and accept the captaincy of my own club. I found the magistracy fascinating and became involved with the Magistrates Association dealing with ‘national matters’. 

I joined the MGS on the same day that I was sworn in as a magistrate. A cousin of my wife was captain of the Society and I was fully informed of the fixtures played all over the country and in Scotland as well as overseas meetings in Spain. I am a member of other societies who play golf all over the country and it is a major attraction to me.

I played in MGS meetings in Birmingham, Manchester and Nottingham in my early years of membership. When those meetings were discontinued I offered to organise Meetings to replace them and our then Secretary, Janet, was very encouraging. We played at Rothley Park near Leicester for several years and I had been organising MGS golf meetings around the London area as well.

Apart from interest in golf I’ve always enjoyed meeting magistrates from other parts of the UK, and I play in as many matches as possible all over the country at present especially the MGS meetings.

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