Harvey Harrison – Bio

I was appointed a Magistrate in 1982 and served for 35 years before my retirement in 2017 during which time I chaired and served on many Committees and Panels in the Cambridgeshire area, as well as becoming Bench Chairman of the Newmarket and East Cambridgeshire Benches.

Away from the Courts, I was Director of a Farming & Forage Company, managing a 1,000-acre farm in Cambridgeshire for 27 years.  After the company was dissolved, I retained the haulage interest of the business and am currently operating in the agricultural bulk haulage industry.

I am an active member of Links Golf Club, Newmarket, as is my Wife Sue, and outside of golf my interests are family, food and fine wines, theatre, gardening & travel.

During my time as Captain, I actively promoted the ideals and the ethos of the Magistrates Golfing Society allowing for all those involved in the law, the dispensing of justice and court clerks to be involved together in their common interest of playing golf, and to meet socially many like-minded people on courses across England and Wales and enjoy the game.